This is our home. A region of opportunities

Here are our families, friends, co-workers, neighbours, sportsmen we root for, innkeepers who know how we take our coffee … Here are our thoughts and our hearts. That’s why we can see what this region is capable of firsthand and recognize the potential when nobody else does. 

We want to take care of our home to the fullest we can and thus improve the quality of life in this region. Because where others see just a spot on the map, we see a region of opportunities.


NLB Group Financial Results 

In the first half-year of 2022, marked by the tragic war in Ukraine and its influence on prices, consumer behaviour, and consequentially volatile capital markets, NLB Group delivered strong business results and reached important business milestones – such as the merger of Serbian banking subsidiaries and the acquisition of N Banka in Slovenia. The Group achieved EUR 287.0 million in profit after tax (EUR 147.2 million higher YoY) in H1 2022, including the effects related to the acquisition of N Banka. The strong recurring operating performance in H1, with 25% YoY growth in recurring profit before impairments and provisions without N Banka’s contribution, confirms the robustness of NLB Group’s business model.

Profit after tax in mil EUR *

* Attributable to owners of the parent

Sustainable banking

An important part of our mission – besides taking care for our customers with our commitment, knowledge and innovative solutions – is to create a better life, a better future for us all. For us, this region is not just a spot on the map – this is our home. That is why we have embarked on the path of intensive integration of sustainability into our operations. In the broadest sense, we understand sustainability as our operations that meet the needs of this generation and simultaneously preserve the opportunities of future generations.

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13. sep 2022
The NLB Workers' Council announces that, as of yesterday, it has recalled Bojana Šteblaj from the position of a member of the Supervisory Board - workers’ representative.
11. avg 2022
Many important milestones marked the first six months of 2022, among others the acquisition of N Banka and the merger of NLB banka Beograd and Komercijalna banka Beograd in NLB Komercijalna banka. The Group achieved EUR 287.
25. jul 2022
The mandate of the member of the Supervisory Board of NLB d.d. – workers’ representative Janja Žabjek Dolinšek ended on July 8, 2022, due to her leaving the bank, as she no longer met the conditions for managing the function.

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