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Investor News

23. Feb 2023
2022 was the best year in the history of NLB Group.
20. Dec 2022
NLB d.d., Ljubljana announces new SREP requirement, applicable as of 1 January 2023.
19. Dec 2022
In accordance with the requirements of paragraph 5 of article 62. of Zakon o reševanju in prisilnem prenehanju bank (ZRPPB-1), NLB d.d.


NLB Group Financial Results

NLB Group emerged from 2021 stronger than ever. Encouraged by the economic recovery, driven by revived private consumption and loan demand, the Group returned to robust growth, and achieved excellent results, exceeding the set guidance. The Group generated EUR 236.4 million in profit after tax and increased market shares in all segments, with all banking members operating in our home region reporting solidly positive net earnings and contributing 39% to the after tax result.

Profit after tax in mil EUR *

* Attributable to owners of the parent


30.9. 2022

NLB Group: 112.9 EUR


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