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29. nov 2022
After entering the Slovenian market with NLB Lease&Go in the spring of 2020, leasing activities have been gaining momentum so much so that new leasing company was recently established in North Macedonia and all regulatory approvals were obtained
24. nov 2022
The project showed that there is no shortage of people with responsible and far-reaching way of thinking and people who try to ensure a better quality of life with their actions.
15. nov 2022
If we can judge by the enthusiasm, ideas and innovation of the companies participating in the NLB Group’s #FrameOFHelp project this year, we have nothing to fear for a sustainable future.

Bankarium, the Museum of Banking in Slovenia, presents the banking heritage in the Slovene territory from as early as 1820 to the present day. 

NLB became the first bank in Slovenia to join more than 180 banks from all over the world, signatories of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Banking. 

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